Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It takes a Village to have a Wedding

It takes a Village to have a Wedding

Weddings can be expensive. That is a statement that anyone planning a wedding will agree with. It is understandable that the Bride and Groom may have specific ideas of what they want for their ceremony and reception. Various vendors are hired to produce the atmosphere that the Bride and Groom desire. But are we missing an element that was a normal part of family and community before? Weddings and receptions have changed greatly over the past 50 years.

Prior to the 1970’s weddings were mostly smaller affairs. The wedding was at a church and then the reception, if they had one, was at the home of the bride or in the church reception hall or other local hall. Brunch or light sandwiches were served along with cake and punch. Family and friends contributed and helped set up and serve. Many loving hands helped to make the day special for the bride and groom.

     In the 1980’s weddings went super-sized. More guests, grander reception venues, elegant food and settings all became the norm. How big? How fancy? How much of a WOW factor did it have? This was how a successful wedding was determined. The help was hired. The food catered. Many elaborate cakes and table settings were conferred over. Weddings became more polished but are they lacking personality?

     We are now seeing trends turn to simpler table settings and cakes, but what about the personal connection of the assistance of friends and family. We don’t necessarily want them running around serving but there are other ways that they can contribute.

     Stock the Bar parties are a new trend in wedding showers. Guests bring their favorite bottle of liquor or wines to be served during the reception. Several guests can even get together and bring all the ingredients for a special mixed drink that they can name in honor of the Bride and Groom. The reception now has a personal connection as guests share what they brought and encourage others to try it.

     Lovely cookie or candy bars can be set up for the guests’ enjoyment during the reception. Family and friends can bring a specialty cookie or candy to contribute, maybe naming things with names that remind them of the bride and groom. The name cards for the items could also have the name of the person/people that brought that item. Again, a personal connection is made as people ask about the item that they brought.

     Our days are fast paced and we do so much via the computer, a personal touch is a much needed thing.