Thursday, April 5, 2012

HGTV films at Danville BnB

On March 8, 2012 HGTV came to Danville to film for their show Million Dollar Rooms. The show featuring Danville should be on TV and on the website during the first two weeks of May. I must admit, I was very intimidated about being on TV, but the host, Carter Oosterhouse and the crew with him made it very easy. Once make up and microphones were all in place the fun began.

We began to go through Danville room by room. Carter asked questions and it made it very easy to carry on conversation. The film crew spent a lot of time just taking shots of the venue while we continued with the interview portion. It was very surreal to actually have all this happen. After the main interview portion was over, we took Carter to the back of the property to shoot. He and the film crew seemed to enjoy that a lot. Carter also enjoyed all of Dan's cars, but he loved the Isetta, a very small yellow car.

We are looking forward to seeing Danville from the perspective of a professional crew. It will be interesting to see the parts of Danville that they focus on. We will be sure to post the exact air date once we know it!