Saturday, March 3, 2012

Looking for Ideas

Every Bride wants their wedding to be unique and special. They want their guests to walk away saying "Wow!".  So you need to take time and check out lots of Internet sites. One of my favorite ones is Pinterest. I have accumulated lots of incredible and doable ideas from this site. I almost wish I was getting married again!

Gather your ideas together in a folder, whether you print them out or save them on the computer. Get together with the groom and maybe a few friends and go through your idea folder. Toss out any ones that don't fit your theme, budget or venue. Then you can begin to brainstorm together about how you can make these ideas work for you.

Be creative - Have Fun! This is your special day, so let your cake, your favors, your decor express who you are! The guests will walk away saying "Wow, that was just perfect!"


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