Saturday, December 31, 2011

What do We do Now?

What do We Do Now?
This is a question that every newly engaged couple asks themselves after all the excitement of announcing their prospective wedding. There are so many

decisions to make, so many choices. There is an order that the Bride and Groom should follow that makes the decision process go more smoothly.

Set the Date

The first thing that you should do.You should also pick at least one alternative date in the event that the venue you desire is booked for that time. Get a calendar for the year to determine holidays and birthdays that might prove to be a problem for your event.

Set a Budget

Remember that there are always incidental things that come up along the way. These are things that you may not have thought about or something that you find that will be "just perfect!" Within this budget decision time, you should also determine approx how many guests that you plan on inviting.

Choose a Venue

I know that the first thing a Bride-to-Be wants to do is start dress shopping. Finding that perfect dress is something that most Brides dream of but, finding that special place will be pivotal to the entire event. Do you want to have you ceremony in a church? Do you want your ceremony and reception in one place? Do you want somewhere traditional or do you want somewhere exotic or different? How do you envision your special day? What is the first thing that comes to your mind concerning these things.

Visit as many venues as you can. Determine the things that are important to your event and which things are not as critical.


Begin to interview vendors and sample their products. Many venues require you to use their vendors or certain vendors on their list. This does limit your choices of services. There are other venues ( like Danville!) that are open vendor sites - you choose your vendors to fit your budget and your desires.

Next week we will have some tips on choosing different vendors.


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