Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It takes a Village to have a Wedding

It takes a Village to have a Wedding

Weddings can be expensive. That is a statement that anyone planning a wedding will agree with. It is understandable that the Bride and Groom may have specific ideas of what they want for their ceremony and reception. Various vendors are hired to produce the atmosphere that the Bride and Groom desire. But are we missing an element that was a normal part of family and community before? Weddings and receptions have changed greatly over the past 50 years.

Prior to the 1970’s weddings were mostly smaller affairs. The wedding was at a church and then the reception, if they had one, was at the home of the bride or in the church reception hall or other local hall. Brunch or light sandwiches were served along with cake and punch. Family and friends contributed and helped set up and serve. Many loving hands helped to make the day special for the bride and groom.

     In the 1980’s weddings went super-sized. More guests, grander reception venues, elegant food and settings all became the norm. How big? How fancy? How much of a WOW factor did it have? This was how a successful wedding was determined. The help was hired. The food catered. Many elaborate cakes and table settings were conferred over. Weddings became more polished but are they lacking personality?

     We are now seeing trends turn to simpler table settings and cakes, but what about the personal connection of the assistance of friends and family. We don’t necessarily want them running around serving but there are other ways that they can contribute.

     Stock the Bar parties are a new trend in wedding showers. Guests bring their favorite bottle of liquor or wines to be served during the reception. Several guests can even get together and bring all the ingredients for a special mixed drink that they can name in honor of the Bride and Groom. The reception now has a personal connection as guests share what they brought and encourage others to try it.

     Lovely cookie or candy bars can be set up for the guests’ enjoyment during the reception. Family and friends can bring a specialty cookie or candy to contribute, maybe naming things with names that remind them of the bride and groom. The name cards for the items could also have the name of the person/people that brought that item. Again, a personal connection is made as people ask about the item that they brought.

     Our days are fast paced and we do so much via the computer, a personal touch is a much needed thing.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wedding Trends for 2013

Birds of a Feather Flock together.

Birds is one of the fun trends for weddings for 2013. This theme can run from the simple and elegant to the colorful and fun. Pastels or bright colors will set the tone. There are beautiful but easy centerpieces with birdsnests and a few colorful eggs or stones. Bride and bridesmaids can also go with the theme with dresses with the feathery details on the dress skirts, on clutches or in the bouquets. A birdhouse or birdcage can be used on the gift table for cards. The Save the Date and Wedding invitations can have bird or nest graphics on them. A natural element is part of the trend for 2013, using nature and its beauty for your inspiration.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

HGTV films at Danville BnB

On March 8, 2012 HGTV came to Danville to film for their show Million Dollar Rooms. http://www.hgtv.com/video/million-dollar-rooms-106-video/index.html The show featuring Danville should be on TV and on the website during the first two weeks of May. I must admit, I was very intimidated about being on TV, but the host, Carter Oosterhouse and the crew with him made it very easy. Once make up and microphones were all in place the fun began.

We began to go through Danville room by room. Carter asked questions and it made it very easy to carry on conversation. The film crew spent a lot of time just taking shots of the venue while we continued with the interview portion. It was very surreal to actually have all this happen. After the main interview portion was over, we took Carter to the back of the property to shoot. He and the film crew seemed to enjoy that a lot. Carter also enjoyed all of Dan's cars, but he loved the Isetta, a very small yellow car.

We are looking forward to seeing Danville from the perspective of a professional crew. It will be interesting to see the parts of Danville that they focus on. We will be sure to post the exact air date once we know it!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Rustic Wedding - Affordable and fun!

In the last blog we talked about choosing a theme to base your wedding decor around. A theme helps to keep you focused with your ideas for everything from the wedding dress to the cake to the favors.
I love to browse wedding ideas. The one trend that I see that looks very affordable and attractive is the Rustic wedding. I am going to share with you some ideas that are inexpensive and look fantastic.

Let's begin with the Bridal party attire. You can go either formal with gowns and tuxes, which makes a great contrast to the rustic decorations. This is not the inexpensive option but it does look great! The less costly option is a dress that is simple and has a special charm all its own. There are many online clothing sites that offer Bridal gowns. I love the this one from JCrew.

They also have beautiful bridesmaids gowns that very easy to wear again for other special events. Your Bridesmaids will love you for it! There are lots of colors to choose from for most styles.

The groom and the groomsmen can go with a great suit and tie or even just dress pants with an beautiful plaid shirt and tie. Again, all reusable in the future.

Centerpieces can also be an expensive part of your wedding. Your guests will be seated at the tables and be staring at your centerpiece off and on all night. You can make it something that is memorable and inexpensive. If you have someone that can wield a saw for you or if you can do it yourself - it is even less costly. You can purchase a couple sizes of mason jars. Often you can find these that someone is willing to part with cheap, since they don't want to can anymore. In one size of jars you can put an inexpensive pillar candle. In another you can put flowers. In the third you can put pens - I will explain this shortly. If you have the access, get a 2-3 inch thick cut of a log or large branch.  You can place the mason jars on top of the log slice. Another idea takes a bit of planning ahead, but if you have a green thumb it looks great. Get some inexpensive terra cotta pots. You can leave them that color or you can gilt them in gold, silver or one of your wedding colors. Plant herbs and flowers approx 1 month prior to your wedding - make sure you tend them. To complete the decoration you can put a few taper candles in the pot.  You can make a table number flag with a dowel rod and a paper pennant.

It is great to have something to remember the people who attended your wedding. (This is where the pens come in) Using the premise of Mad Libs, which many of us enjoyed as kids, here is a great idea. It gives the guests something to do during the picture taking and also is a funny reminder of those who attended your wedding.

A great and very inexpensive option for place cards is to use the spring clothespins spray painted gold, silver or a color that matches your wedding decor. You can use business card blanks to write the names on. Place the card in the clothes pin and it will look great!

If you have someone handy with some basic carpentry skills you can have them make a few rustic boxes to set the cake on, to place around the wedding area or reception area filled with a few plants left in their pots from the store. These can then be planted later. You can hand paint the Bride and Groom's names and the date on them too.  You can also have them make a few signs with sayings or pictures of the bride and groom tacked to them to place around for decoration.

Favors are next on the list. If you have a few wonderful people with some basic sewing skills, you can make small burlap or muslin bags. There are also websites that sell inexpensive bags that you can use.You can fill the bags with candy and wrap color coordinating ribbon around the top. or set up a candy bar and have the guests fill their own.

The Rustic wedding gives a relaxed feel for both the wedding party and the guests. You can let your imagination have fun with this theme. It can also be as expensive or inexpensive as you want!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Looking for Ideas

Every Bride wants their wedding to be unique and special. They want their guests to walk away saying "Wow!".  So you need to take time and check out lots of Internet sites. One of my favorite ones is Pinterest. I have accumulated lots of incredible and doable ideas from this site. I almost wish I was getting married again!

Gather your ideas together in a folder, whether you print them out or save them on the computer. Get together with the groom and maybe a few friends and go through your idea folder. Toss out any ones that don't fit your theme, budget or venue. Then you can begin to brainstorm together about how you can make these ideas work for you.

Be creative - Have Fun! This is your special day, so let your cake, your favors, your decor express who you are! The guests will walk away saying "Wow, that was just perfect!"

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Choosing a Vendor

Details, Details! This is where the Wedding Process can begin to change from fun and exciting to stressful and tedious. So many things to decide, but where to begin?

       You should begin by determining how much money should be allocated for each vendor.
Caterer, Cake, photographer, flowers and all the other extras to make your day special. What is the most important thing to you? Do you want a formal dinner or buffet? Do you want a fabulous show-stopping cake or cupcakes or a dessert bar? Simple flowers or elegant arrangements?

Your reception will probably account for around 50% of your wedding budget. This would include the venue, caterer, bar, cake, etc.

There should be approx 10% for music , photography and flowers.

20% of your budget should be for dress, invitations, limo, groom's tuxedo, etc.

What about the other 20% ? This would include all the incidentals that you didn't really think of. The payment for the officiant, the wedding site, i.e. church, and all the little things that pop up or you just have to have to make that day special.

Now, how do I choose my vendors? It helps if you have a theme in mind. It keeps your focus  in choosing the menu, cake style and all the other things. It gives you a direction, because you will come across so many other ideas you may find yourself scattered. Ask friends and family in your area if they have used any vendors. Would they recommend them? Make a list of things that are important to you for each vendor. Set up an appointment with them and make sure that you take your list of questions. Ask to see or taste samples of what they will be providing.

Your choice of vendors will contribute in making your day a happily memorable one, so it is very important that you feel comfortable with those vendors that you choose. Give yourself enough time to not be rushed into a decision.

Remember, it's your day and your choice!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

What do We do Now?

What do We Do Now?
This is a question that every newly engaged couple asks themselves after all the excitement of announcing their prospective wedding. There are so many

decisions to make, so many choices. There is an order that the Bride and Groom should follow that makes the decision process go more smoothly.

Set the Date

The first thing that you should do.You should also pick at least one alternative date in the event that the venue you desire is booked for that time. Get a calendar for the year to determine holidays and birthdays that might prove to be a problem for your event.

Set a Budget

Remember that there are always incidental things that come up along the way. These are things that you may not have thought about or something that you find that will be "just perfect!" Within this budget decision time, you should also determine approx how many guests that you plan on inviting.

Choose a Venue

I know that the first thing a Bride-to-Be wants to do is start dress shopping. Finding that perfect dress is something that most Brides dream of but, finding that special place will be pivotal to the entire event. Do you want to have you ceremony in a church? Do you want your ceremony and reception in one place? Do you want somewhere traditional or do you want somewhere exotic or different? How do you envision your special day? What is the first thing that comes to your mind concerning these things.

Visit as many venues as you can. Determine the things that are important to your event and which things are not as critical.


Begin to interview vendors and sample their products. Many venues require you to use their vendors or certain vendors on their list. This does limit your choices of services. There are other venues ( like Danville!) that are open vendor sites - you choose your vendors to fit your budget and your desires.

Next week we will have some tips on choosing different vendors.